Country Cockapoos

Quality Cockapoo Puppies. Home Grown. Hand Raised.

About Us


A little Background

We are a family of 7 from central MN with a love for dogs ( and animals in general)  We live in the country on our family farm and have three Cockapoos and one lab.   Our dogs are part of our family and share our everyday life with us.  

My husband and I's first "baby" before real babies was a Cockapoo named LIbby.  She was a part  of our family for 13 years and was a true joy for our family.  She was known for fetching rocks and  .  A year after her passing our family was ready once again for a new fur member and we began our search .  We were very fortunate with Libby and found her quite easily.  This second search proved to be a little more difficult than our our first.  After not finding many breeders in Minnesota and having to weed through many unfortunate cases of dog breeding, I decided that we wanted to help continue the good of the Cockapoo breed and offer a family friendly breeder in MN.  And this was the start of Country Cockapoos.   We have since added Rosie, Hazel, and Stella to our family, also known as "the girls".  Our stud muffin, Sully, joined the extended family and lives with Grandma and Grandpa.  


Why we chose cockapoos & why you should too

If you have come to our site, chances are you have researched the best dog for your family and have settled on the Cockapoo for their sweet personality and low to no-shed coat.  On the off chance you are here browsing and are unfamiliar with the Cockapoo, they are a hybrid dog breed that are cross between a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle.  They are known for having great temperaments and a "hypoallergenic" coat.   Although cockapoos can range in size, our family cockapoos are a small sized dog ranging from 15-25 pounds.  They make great family pets, being small enough to be a lap dog, but sturdy enough to be a play mate of small children.  


Hand raised family pups


 Our fur parents are pets first and foremost.  They are a part of our every day life and socialized with the family   Puppies are whelped in our home  where they are handled from birth. 

All of our puppies are socialized, have an early start to potty training, and  temperament tested prior to placing in new homes.  

 Our parents have been health tested and we provide a one year written genetic health guarantee (Sale contract specifies conditions)..

I realize you may be on the search for the perfect new family member, but keep in mind we are in search of the perfect new home for our fur babies.   We reserve the right to deny placement of a puppy if we do not feel that the situation is fit.  Just because you want a puppy, does not mean we will sell you one. You must be approved before we decide to let one of our babies go with you