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About Hazel

Grab interest

Hazel is a brown/ silver beige f2b cockapoo.  She is the result of the breeding of a f2 cockapoo with a cocker spaniel.  As a pup she was a dark brown with the bluest eyes.  As she matured her coat turned to a beautiful silver latte swirl.  (Just think of your favorite coffee with a swirl of highlights running through it. )   Her body structure and hair texture favor the Cocker Spaniel, with a larger bone structure and less wavy, course hair. Hazel is a very lovable, easy going dog.  She is known to jump up by people and either stare or paw at you until you give her some affection.  She LOVES being outside and has an excellent hunting nose.  She has been known to catch squirrels and is always on the chase of some poor bunnies in our grove.  She is an all around family dog and doesn't take to just one person.  She weighs in at 24 pounds and stands 15 inches tall at the back.