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Rosie's Litter

Birth details

Rosie was breed to Sully early December with a estimated Whelp date of Feb 2.    She free whelped on Feb  6th  her puppies in my closet (her choice over the area I had set up in the living room)   She had a total of 7 puppies,: 2 males and 5 females.  The biggest male came first, followed by the small brown and white part male.   4 shades of buff females followed and we ended with the buff parti female.   She delivered all 7 within a 2 hours and was very attentive to her pups right away.  All pups are gaining weight and doing well.  Dew claws have been removed and they will be ready to find their forever homes around April 3rd.  

The Seven Pups



NOT Available.  Joining the Engelmann Family.  First Born Male.  Largest of the litter.   Cream coloring with black nose and paw pads. At 4 weeks, Otis remains the largest in the litter weighing a little over 2 pounds.  He may be the biggest, but he laid back and cautious.  Click photo above to see gallery of Otis' photos  



NOT Available.  Joining the Webb Family!!  Second born Male.  Smallest of the litter, weighing only 3.3 ounces at birth.   Brown and white parti color.  Curly coat.    He may be smaller, but keeps up with his siblings.   He loves to snuggle and is the cutest thing to watch walk around.  Click photo above to see a gallery of Arlo's photo.  


Cockapoo puppy.  Doodle.  Home raised puppy.  Light Apricot.  Curly Coat.  Dog Breeder

NOT available.  Joining the Levy family!  Third born and the second smallest of the litter.   She is a light apricot with a   brown nose and beautiful curly coat.    At 4 weeks Ruby weighed in at 1 # 12 ounces.   Her personality seems to fall somewhere in the middle of the group, fairly playful  but a little more reserved.  Click photo above to see a gallery of Ruby's photo. 



NOT Available.  Joining the Pederson family.  Female with light apricot color.  Smoother coat and black nose.   Her paws appear to be white or lighter as she ages.   She was the first to open her eyes, first to walk, and the most outgoing.  She is very playful and is usually first to greet people.  Click photo above to see a gallery of Lily's photo. 



NOT AVAILABLE!!   Female with a buff coat that has a nice wave to it..  She has a beautiful white streak running up her head and tuxedo markings on all paws.   Compliment all this cuteness with a brown button nose.  She is more timid, but oh so loving.      Click photo above to see a gallery of Iris' photo.  



NOT available.  Joining the Hunner Family.  Female with  a curly buff coat and brown nose.  She is a quiet girl  who likes to take it all in first before going exploring.  She is the most likely one to come over and snuggle while the others play On the smaller side, Pearl weighed in at 1 1/2 pounds at 4 weeks.  She has a smaller build and is  a family favorite.  Click photo above to see a gallery of Pearl's photo.  



NOT available.  Joining the Mages family.  Last born of the  bunch, but always one of the first to greet you. Violet is a parti colored with gorgeous spots of tan on her head and back and brown nose.  She has a medium wave to her coat and weighs just under 2 #s at 4 weeks. She is a vocal little one and makes herself known from a young age.   Very playful and social.  Click photo above to see a gallery of Violet's photo.  

Stella's Six-All have gone to their homes. New litter expec



FAMILY FOUND! Meet Juniper: First born, weighing in at 5.8 ounces.  Buff female with white marking on forehead and paws.



 FAMILY FOUND! Meet Jewel:  Brown spotted Parti female born at 4.8 ounces.  Beautiful white fur with multiple brown marking on head and body.  



FAMILY FOUND!!  Meet Opal:  Chocolate Merle female.  Born  weighing in at 5.2 ounces.   Beautiful merle pattern throughout with white stripe down chest and four white "boots" on her paws.    I have a laid back, yet playful personality. Very social and outgoing.  



 FAMILY FOUND! Meet Luna:  Chocolate Merle female with white markings on chest and some on tips of paws.  The smallest of thepups weighing in at 3.8 ounces at birth.  Our little Luna is so sweet.



FAMILY FOUND!!. Meet Milo:  A buff parti Male who was born at 5.8 ounces.  He is white with one buff marking on his back and a small marking on his one ear.  He is the largest of the bunch and seems to be gaining at the fastest rate.  The most laid back of the bunch, Milo is a snuggler.  He loves to curl up on your lap for a nap.  A short play



Family Found   Meet Max:  Chocolate phantom male with beautiful markings.  He weighed 4.8 ounces at birth and is at the smaller end of the litter thus far.  He has the curliest coat that is accented by his tan phantom marking and white chest and tipped paws.  Higher energy and very playful.  Max is a so fun to watch pounce around.  Very playful and social.